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How Jeeter Became America’s Best-Selling Preroll Brand

Two million baby jeeter pre rolls are smoked in a month in California. The brand Jeeter is beloved in the largest legal cannabis market in the country. So beloved, in fact, that it’s the only cannabis preroll brand that has become its own name. People don’t call these “prerolls”—they call them “Jeeters. “

Jeeter is run by a close-knit crew of friends who have been working together for 15 years. “It’s a family,” says Lukasz Tracz, who is the co-Founder and co-CEO alongside Sebastian Solano. Other founding members include Scot Garrambone, Chief Financial Officer, David Solano, Chief Sales Officer, and Peter Dimirov, Chief Product Officer. In addition to the founding crew are team members Patryk Tracz, VP of Marketing, and Emir Duru, with the coveted role of Vibes Director. The entrepreneurs hail from the entertainment industry. They are also the founders of a beloved string of EDM events including the paint-throwing extravaganza Life In Color, Electric Zoo, and Tomorrowland.

The name Jeeter was coined in Florida in 2004 as slang for a joint, says Tracz. The brand launched in California in 2018. DreamFields, also founded in California, is the parent company of Jeeter. Alongside its baby jeeter pre rolls and infused prerolls, Jeeter produces vapes with oil and live resin. Selling its flower in bud-form is on the horizon. Today, Jeeter operates on a 4.2-acre campus located in Desert Hot Springs, California. The Jeeter campus is comprised of an 18,000-square-foot facility where the brand manufactures, fulfills, produces, and distributes its product lineup. Jeeter employs 700 people and aims to have almost 1,000 employees within the next few months.

Jeeter is the fastest growing brand in the preroll category and holds the title of the best-selling preroll in the country with over 40% of California’s coveted market share. On top of its widespread consumer popularity, Jeeter is often smoked by celebrity fans including Issa Rae, Dwayne Wade, The Game, and more.

The brand created its own holiday akin to 4/20 called Jeeterday. This year, Jeeterday is on November 6, 2021. This is a consumer celebration with a limited-edition strain (2021’s is Banana Peel) and exclusive merchandise found at 115 stores across the state. There are often lines out the door for the special Jeeterday drop. This year culminates with Jeeterday’s first-ever in-person event, a concert featuring Ludacris and the Martinez Brothers.

I spoke with Jeeter’s CEOs Tracz and Solano about how they built a preroll empire, what advice they gleaned from their careers in the events and entertainment spaces, and what consumers can look forward to on Jeeterday.

Congrats on Jeeterday! Tell me what does Jeeterday mean for you?

Sebastian Solano: Jeeterday is a very meaningful day and a very meaningful moment for us. When Jeeter started to become popular, we realized that we had something special. Stores told us, “Hey guys, you’re one of the only brands that people come to the store and ask ‘do you have Jeeter?’” If they say ‘no,’ the customers leave and go to the next store. Not only is the product selling, but we were creating a real community and cult following. People are becoming loyal to the brand, they really love it.

We wanted to do something for our consumers in a way to thank them for their support. We get a buzz going, everyone in the industry is talking about it, and people get to keep the packaging as a collectible. We wanted to create something very special to thank everyone. It originally started at 4:20, but this year Jeeterday starts at 11 a.m. We have people come into the participating stores, the first 7 people get this amazing box. It’s similar to a limited-edition sneaker box. All they have to do is buy a Jeeter product, and they get this whole box of goodies: limited merch in the theme of Super Jeeter, and the one-time strain.

The strains that we create for Jeeterday never drop again, you’ll never be able to purchase them. Some people never even smoke them and they just keep it as a collectible. There were about ten different cities that had lines around the block. We realized after the last Jeeterday, we created something magical.

We knew one day we would be able to bring back the live event experience but infused with cannabis, to celebrate how cannabis and music come together. We are going even further this year with golden tickets, bigger gifts. On top of that, we said, this is the time to bring in the live experience. That’s how the event came about. The manifestation of Jeeter, the celebration of 5 years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. It wasn’t peachy the whole ride. We went through one of the most difficult times of our lives together. Jeeterday is really a celebration for our fans, and then a celebration for the whole Jeeter organization of what we’ve accomplished today.

Lukasz Tracz: It’s a holiday, it’s an annual holiday for our fans. It’s our thank you to them. This year, it’ll be at 115 participating locations.

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